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Club Documents

Please see below a collection of documents, policies, procedures and forms that may be required by parents, participants, volunteers and interested parties to our organisation.


This document contains the current Hornsby Lions Constitution.


This document contains the current Hornsby Lions By-Laws.

Netball Registration Disclaimer

When registering to HLNC you agree to the terms and conditions contained within this document.

Volunteer Team Roles

This document explains what is expected of the coach and manager roles within each team.

INF Netball Rules Book

PDF Version of the Rule Book. Please note that this version is strictly for non-commercial use and not for re-print or sale.

Rules of Netball

Link to Netball Australia - Rules of Netball resource page

PlayHQ - Participants

Links to assisting you with managing your PlayHQ Profile & Registration

PlayHQ - Sign Up

The details in this article describe the process of creating a new PlayHQ account.

Knee Program

As an athlete this program aims to keep you playing the sport you love without being sidelined by injury.

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